The Krampuswelt

Learn all about the customs & myths

Every year, an area of the Hellbrunn Advent Market turns into a mystical world of the “Krampus”. The traditional customs of the Anif Krampusse create a spectacular scene when the impressive Krampusse show off their original masks and costumes. This is a great introduction for visitors to the secrets of mystical customs and the history of the Krampus. To be able to "touch a Krampus" should also keep our smallest guests from having any fear of them.

Krampuswelt is a permanent exhibition during the Advent Market.

Krampus dates

Parade of the Grossgmainer Krampusse

Friday, December 1 | 6 pm

An integral part and true visitor magnet of the Hellbrunn Adventzauber is the annual parade of the Grossgmainer Krampusse. TIP: Secure a place in the palace courtyard in front of the stairs to be up close as the Krampusses’ perform their spectacular dance.

Day of the Krampus

Sunday, December 10

On the day of the Krampus, the Anif Krampus Society are our personal guests - unmasked! They tell us about traditions, customs and the difference between a Krampus and a Percht. Slip into a mask and perhaps take away your fear of these wild characters.


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